Bawa Yoga’s Meditation Series 

Meditation is the ultimate connection to self.

We are living in an overstimulated world. Always ‘on’, moving a mile a minute and that non-stop requirement leaves no room for us to just be.

We need to take a break from the constant necessity to be ‘on’ and instead find time to connect to the self underneath the surface. That self is the one who needs some love and attention.

Bawa is offering 3 mini meditation retreats

dedicated solely to you. starting saturday, November 17th 2018

We will explore the deeper versions of ourselves surrounded by our beautiful island Barbados. We will be outside in nature, connecting to the roots of this land as well as the roots of ourselves.

Each session will be comprised of 4 parts:

  1. Light Stretch: It’ll be early so we want to make sure to warm up our physical body in preparation

  2. Pranayama: Breathing exercises to help quiet the mind and start to find stillness within

  3. Meditation: Using specific techniques to help us control our mind and start to introduce this powerful tool of self love to your lives

  4. Healthy Food & Drink: Each location will have it’s own pairing, whether it’s yummy organic food or a fresh pressed juice, just something to nourish us after our practice.

Details & Pricing Below.


Meditation 1: Eco Lodge, Eco Spirit

A welcome to the meditation experience. Our first session will be on the East Coast, surrounded by the wind, the trees and the sounds of roaring waves.

We will start with some easy breathing and meditation techniques and allow or selves the opportunity to experience meditation in a beautiful and safe atmosphere.

Once we have completed our meditation practice we will enjoy a lovely vegan and organic breakfast treat, with fresh local juices.

Date: Saturday Nov 17th
Time: 8AM


Meditation 2: Carlisle Bay - Floating Meditation

This is a one of a kind experience. We live on a beautiful island surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters on the planet and we don’t take advantage of that enough.

Our floating meditation at Carlisle Bay is such a serene experience. We use noodles to help keep us afloat and then the rest is mother nature. She will take our worries and doubts away with her tides.

When we re-emerge from the water we will feel lighter, free and ready to enjoy an all natural fresh pressed juice from Renu.

Date: Saturday Nov 24th
Time: 8:00AM


Meditation 3: Peg Farm, Soil to Soul

Our final meditation of the series will be at another beautiful location. Peg Farm, the biodynamic farm in Barbados that offers views of the entire east coast. A cool breeze, and some wonderful features of our Barbadian nature.

This meditation will take us a little deeper into our practice. Getting in touch with our emotions, and listening to what the soul needs and figuring out how to tend to it gently and lovingly.

Awaiting us at Peg’s farm to table cafe is an organic spread with vegan, vegetarian options to help fill our bodies for a wonderful weekend.

Date: Saturday Dec 1
Time: 8AM

The Full experience:

We are here to provide you with a nourishing experience for not only the mind, but for the body as well giving you a morning to truly remember and start your weekend off right.

Your 3 Pack Meditation Retreats includes:

  • 3 meditations guided by Brittany Golding,

  • Light Breakfast and Fresh Juice at Eco Lodge - Session 1, Nov 17th @8AM

  • Fresh Pressed Juice from Renu - Session 2, Nov 24th @8AM

  • Light Breakfast at Peg Farm (session 3) - Session 3, Dec 1st @8AM

3 Pack Cost: $150 BDS (cash only, paid on session 1)

Individual Cost: Please reach out directly as the prices for each mini retreat differ slightly

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