PRICES & Packages

Drop In's:  60 min class: $30 or 90 min class: $35

5 Class Packages: $140

10 Class Packages: $280

*note: class packages are valid for 3 months + all prices are quoted in Barbadian Dollars

Private or group Sessions: We offer customized private classes. Please reach out directly for any queries regarding private or group classes.

Our Styles on Offer


Is a very strong, very traditional form of yoga that is deeply rooted in its history and foundation. It’s a style that is considered a moving mediation. It gives you three things that differ from all other types of yoga - a specific breath (ujjayi), points for your eyes to fix on in each pose (dristi), and a set sequence which pairs movement and breath. Put all these things together and your mind becomes focused which essentially is a form of mediation. This world of Ashtanga hasn’t changed for thousands of years. As your body gets to know the flow, it really does become a dance to the beat of your own breath. 


Vinyasa is a very popular form of yoga, taking you from one posture to another using breath. Every class differs and can be sculpted based on the students, certain body parts, and even music. Most of our Vinyasa classes flow to music as a way to help the mind release even further and become immersed in the moment at hand. Each class is dynamic and varies in pace. There will be some strong flows where inversions are taken and slower paced classes that focus more on stretching and breath control.


Yin is the feminine. It's a class dedicated to about 5 or 6 postures. Holding each pose for a few minutes to really work into the targeted muscles. It's a beautiful restorative practice which can be challenging at times with wonderful results. 

Slow Flow

This class is as it's called - a slow flow. Focusing on pranayama's, meditation and asanas. Allowing each person to fall into peace as they work through the different yogic techniques. 


Meditation is all about becoming present. In the moment, in mind, in the body. To learn how to be on your own in the momet, with the chaos of the world silence. A place where there is no worry for the future or regret of the past. A place where all you have is now. We have a few different styles of mediation that we work through every month; seated, visualizations, guided, and even floating. 

Please reach out to us for queries on any of the above styles

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